The Irizar ie tram, Irizar’s 100% electric, zero emissions articulated bus, named 2018 Spanish Bus of the Year and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Vehicle of the Year
Inauguration of the first European electromobility plant

The city of Madrid already has 15 zero emissions Irizar Electric Buses

Ormaiztegi, 14 de febrero del 2018

The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid (EMT) has unveiled the first 15 100% electric zero emissions buses being introduced into its fleet and they will service three central lines within the capital.

15 12-metre long Irizar ie buses are being put into operation, each with the capacity to hold 76 people and a daily range of more than 200 kilometres.

In addition, Irizar e-mobility has provided 15 chargers for these vehicles to be charged overnight in depot. The vehicle has the ‘Eco Assist’ system incorporated into it, which helps the driver with driving optimisation in real time, thus reducing energy consumption and increasing the range of the bus.

As they are completely silent and produce zero emissions, Irizar ie buses fall within the commitment of Madrid City Council and EMT to begin electrification of the city.

The unveiling took place in Madrid on 7th February, with the support of the Environment and Mobility Representative and President of the EMT, Inés Sabanés, accompanied by the company’s manager, Álvaro Fernández, and the Director of Irizar e-mobility, Hector Olabe.

The vehicles will run on lines 1 (Prosperidad-Cristo Rey), 26 (Tirso de Molina-Diego de León) and 44 (Callao-Marqués de Viana).

This model provides high assurances to the EMT, as it has already been operating for almost 4 years in a dozen European cities with proven range, efficiency and reliability.

An Excellent Start to the Year for Irizar e-mobility

The beginning of this year has been particularly successful for Irizar e-mobility. In addition to putting 15 vehicles into operation in Madrid, the company has received two awards in Spain, Coach of the Year 2018 and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Vehicle 2018 for its new electric articulated bus, Irizar ie tram, which was launched onto the market at the end of last year.
These are accolades which reward the excellence of this new model which has the aesthetics of a tram and which highlights Irizar e-mobility’s commitment to sustainability and to the wellbeing of its customers and the general public.

Almost four years after delivery of the first 100% electric zero emissions buses, Irizar can now say it is fully prepared for the electrification of cities with a wide range of global mobility solutions tailored to the needs of each customer, with products and services incorporating state-of-the-art technology developed entirely within the Irizar Group.

In addition to the 12-metre long buses and the Irizar ie tram, the range includes 10.8-metre long city buses and the Irizar ie bus, an 18-metre long articulated bus, as well as other electric vehicles that are currently in operation in various cities.