The driver is our focus

The driving position has been designed prioritizing concepts of ergonomics, comfort, functionality and safety and complying with the new standards EBSF, European bus system for the future (European project managed by UITP) and VDV. Some demands in the axes of comfort, safety and service.

It seeks to reduce fatigue and facilitate access to the controls. The design of the seats adapted to different driver body shapes, protection against vibration and acoustic and microclimatic considerations are also taken into account.

The bus is equipped with a Zero Emissions climate control unit, with cooling (3.5 kW) and heating (8 kW) functions.

Safety is guaranteed with a clear view of the surroundings thanks to an optimized cab design, with comfortable and ergonomic access for the driver and a modular distribution (cabin door with safety window or cockpit).

In addition, a wide range of customisation options are offered. It includes pioneering technologies such as EcoAssist, a system that assists the driver in real time with the aim of reducing the vehicle's energy consumption while increasing its operating range.