Energy management and storage

Different technologies, endless possibilities

Using its own technology, Irizar has developed the main components of the vehicles it manufactures.

The batteries, which use Lithium-ion technology, utilise a modular concept, designed to meet the needs of any operator. A robust and safe system that complies with the latest European regulations: R100 v2, R10 and UN38.3.

Different solutions have been developed based on different chemicals to offer a solution to each specific market need.

We mainly have two types of battery pack installed in our electric buses. High-energy batteries, which enable sufficient range for the bus's daily operation with a single charging process during the day and high-power batteries, which are specially geared to withstand various rapid charging processes during the day.

Together with the customer, Irizar studies the optimal solution for different scenarios in order to ensure that the battery pack works correctly. Thanks to the active cooling system installed, the vehicle can operate in extreme weather conditions.

The Irizar battery pack is a highly recyclable product. All of its components are treated through a controlled process and the possibility of using it in other types of applications is evaluated.

Electric Powertrain

Unlike other projects which are constrained by more standardised motors, the motorisation of the vehicles has been developed using own-brand technology that is developed exclusively for our products so that it adapts perfectly to the products’ requirements.

Doors and climate control

The electric climate control system is designed specifically for zero-emission electric vehicles. The vehicles have been equipped with electric or manual doors and ramps developed by companies belonging to the Irizar Group.

Assisted driver system

This system enables safe communication with the driver which helps them to be more efficient, improving their daily work as well as the service provided to the passengers. This solution assists the driver when approaching stops, at stops and when pulling out. It also improves safety, comfort and punctuality.