For us, Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy and our management. It means thinking about the future, about building a better world. We therefore act in a sustainable manner in order to become increasingly competitive, to generate wealth and long term employment, to satisfy our employees, customers, partners and society to protect and preserve our environment for generations to come.

We are fully committed to the ten principles set out by the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, Labour Rights, the Environment and the fight against Corruption and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainability translates into objectives, initiatives and actions that we carry out with all the groups with which we interact: people who make up Irizar, customers, passengers, external partners, society and the environment.

Products and solutions

Making the mobility of the future a reality today

At Irizar e-mobility we have decided to promote the use of efficient, clean and accessible transport which is committed to the environment and the well-being and health of people and which enables the creation of better urban environments. We place special emphasis on reducing noise pollution, obtaining low consumption which reduces costs and developing zero-emission vehicles. We want to establish ourselves as leaders in urban mobility.

Sustainable products

The zero emissions vehicles that have been operating in different European cities since 2014 and the services developed by Irizar e-mobility are already shaping the mobility of the future. They provide a sustainable and eco-efficient solution to urban mobility and respond to the current and future requirements of transport in cities. From the design and planning phase, the emphasis is on achieving the greatest possible energy efficiency, increasing vehicle battery life and optimising its end of life management.

Safer and more efficient transportation

We have developed our own assisted driving and active safety systems to ensure that the transport of the future is safer and more efficient.


We offer customers the maximum value in terms of brand, technology and sustainability.

Our strategy is to maximize the value of our customers by providing them with high-quality, high-tech, customised products and services and by offering them the guarantee of a robust project in which they can trust. All this forms part of a strategy based on customer relations and building a direct relationship in order to gain their loyalty and trust.

Service, design, technology, safety, reliability and profitability are all aspects that raises Irizar above the competition.


The people in the organisation are undoubtedly the key factors in achieving sustainable economic, social and environmental results in the medium and long term. Our people are committed to the customer and the Group's strategy.

  • We uphold an open and transparent culture with the firm conviction that business activities with respect for total integrity are the only basis possible for achieving sustainable success.
  • Our commitment to employment is demonstrated in continuous job creation - we even maintained jobs in the most negative periods of the crisis in 2009. The Irizar Group has grown by nearly 1000 people in the last 5 years, which constitutes 40% growth. In the last year we have continued to attract talent, increasing the workforce by 300 people.
  • We protect Equality of opportunity, non-discrimination and respect for Diversity.
  • We promote work-life balance through shorter working days and flexi-time.
  • Our Commitment to Training is reflected in inter-disciplinary and multi-functional training plans.
  • Our Commitment to Health and Safety always prioritizes safety over other management keys and we analyse 100% of accidents and incidents and assign the necessary financial resources.

The environment

Our commitment to the environment dates back to 1998 when Irizar became the first manufacturer to obtain ISO14001 certification.

The most significant principles of our environmental policy are the progressive reduction of CO2 emissions and contaminating substances, as well as the introduction of environmental criteria in the design of our products, encouraging a spirit of respect towards the environment among its employees and partners.

Our solutions

Our sustainable mobility solutions are transforming our cities and our planet. With no polluting emissions, no noise, efficient and accessible ... the transport of the future is here.

Irizar e-mobility has decided to promote the use of efficient, clean and accessible transport which is committed to the environment and the well-being and health of people and which enables the creation of better urban environments. Particular emphasis is placed on reducing noise pollution, obtaining low consumption which reduces costs and developing zero-emission vehicles. All these objectives serve to highlight the meaning of our motto, “for a better life”.

The ZERO EMISSIONS technology of the electric vehicles eliminates direct emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and toxic substances such as NOx and harmful particulates when operating in urban areas, which contributes to a healthier and more sustainable urban environment.

The electric technology removes the noise of the engine, enabling exterior noise emission when stopped and when starting to be virtually eliminated (0dBA), while the average noise emission of a bus with a conventional combustion engine is 68 dBA.

ZERO DIRECT EMISSIONS. A 100% electric articulated Irizar bus eliminates the atmospheric emission of 120 tons of CO2 each year.

The electric technology makes the noise of the combustion engine disappear, which means there are no exterior sound emissions to annoy pedestrians when the bus is stopped and starting (0 dBA). When driving the noise pollution of the Irizar ie bus is 20% lower.

Eco design

Continuous research and development of new bus manufacturing technologies and new materials that mean that we are positioned at the forefront of ecodesign in our sector with environmentally sustainable products.

Green energy factory

The total energy consumed by this plant is produced by a photovoltaic energy Centre located in Álava, which makes it the first fully sustainable European energy plant.

Production process

We are making progress in energy efficiency, in optimising waste management and in reducing the environmental impact caused by our business activities and products.


Encouraging the commitment of all our personnel regarding these aspects of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Eco innovation

Continuous vigilance in our innovation projects in order to replace materials and technologies with new ones that are more environmentally friendly and by using lighter materials and technology to reduce consumption and toxic gas emissions.


Irizar is the world’s first company in the sector to begin an Environmental Product Declaration project which will provide it with data on the impact on global warming and depletion of resources, energy consumption of fossil or renewable resources, pollutant emissions in the manufacture or content of dangerous substances, etc.


The manufacture of the buses prioritizes the disassembly and recyclability of its components. Vehicle recyclability and recoverability rates are above 90% according to ISO 22628The batteries are 99% recyclable in accordance with data from the project funded by the European Commission's - LIFE “RecLionBat” - to develop techniques that enable these types of batteries to be recycled)The bus has a longer service life and lower maintenance needs. The inverters and the rest of the components of the ie bus’s traction system have a service life that is equal to or greater than that of the bus; however, this is not the case for combustion vehicles.

Our external collaborators

Alliances with different kinds of external partners play a more and more strategic role in Irizar's competitive sustainability.

  • We maintain a high level of integration with suppliers while developing our products and processes by mobilising and exchanging knowledge, specialisation, technology and resources.
  • Our deep commitment to our environment is reflected in the fact that 15% of our materials and services are purchased from companies in our province (Gipuzkoa).
  • We maintain stable social partnerships with suppliers in order to: promote the integration of people with disabilities in work and society; boost youth employment and the employment of people who have difficulties accessing the labour market.
  • In our projects, we collaborate regularly with Technology Centres.
  • We actively participate in cooperation with other organizations around us.


We collaborate in the wealth and employment creation, education, culture, sports and national and international cooperation.

  • We make great efforts both financially as well as dedicating personnel from Irizar, contributing to building a better socio-economic environment and a better society, of which we are an integral part of.
  • We cooperate with more than 28 NGOs in international projects.
  • We collaborate with more than 30 social and welfare associations.
  • We promote and participate in cultural, educational and sports activities.
  • We collaborate routinely with Universities and Vocational Training Centres. We arrange work practice and dissertation projects at Irizar.
  • We participate in incubators to promote business initiatives.
  • We constantly share our experience in strategy, management and Sustainability, both in open days and in external forums, in order to generate interest and progress in other people and organizations.