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The first Irizar Group autonomous bus is presented in Malaga

The first Irizar electric buses are on the road in Portugal

Aduna, 20 December 2019

Both 10.8 metre Irizar ie bus zero emissions electric buses are already in operation in the Portuguese city of Bragança.

Irizar is continuing its strategy of consolidation in the European market with a presence in more than 7 countries already. This time, it’s providing its zero emissions solutions in Portugal, specifically in the city of Bragança. The operation is demanding given the complex geography of the city, which demonstrates the reliability of Irizar’s electric vehicles. It will certainly become a showcase for future projects.

The vehicle has 2 double doors and 28 seats, 1 driver’s seat, 1 wheelchair area and can carry up to 76 passengers. With a range of 220 km and 350 kWh loaded energy, these vehicles are charged at night in 3-4 hours using interoperable chargers with Combo 2 charging sockets.

The batteries included with the vehicles are developed and manufactured at our Aduna facilities in Guipúzcoa and they meet the latest European regulations for electrical, thermal and mechanical safety (R100.v2, R10.v5 and UN38.3).

Both the electronics and the communications, which are main systems for the vehicle, are the outcome of Irizar Group technology.

The city of Bragança is moving forward with its strategy of implementing sustainable urban mobility. And by adding the two Irizar ie buses to its fleet it will save 27,550 Euros in fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions by 58 tons a year. This is part of the strategy to promote the “decarbonization of the city” and “universal mobility”.

Project data:

  • Vehicles: two 10.8 metre Irizar ie buses
  • 28 seats (4 spaces for PRM), 1 driver’s seat, 1 wheelchair area, 76 person capacity
  • 220 kilometre range
  • 2 doors and electric ramp
  • Irizar energy storage and management.
  • Connected vehicle: Every vehicle will be equipped with USB ports in the bars for charging phones
  • Vehicle charging: The vehicles are charged at night in 3-4 hours using interoperable chargers with Combo 2 charging sockets.